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SR 520 Toll Rates for Windows Phone 7 / 8 / 10

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Tolling on Washington SR 520 bridge is in effect. Toll rates vary by time of day, on weekends and number of axles. Special rates are also applied during designated holidays. Use this application to decide how tolling affects your commute.

This application accurately displays the current SR 520 toll price for any payment option (Good To Go! Pass, Pay by mail, Pay by plate, Short term account). It offers the following additional features:

  • Quickly see how long it takes to cross via I-90 or SR 520,
  • Look at traffic conditions and decide which route is best for you,
  • Tired of waiting on SR 520 while the bridge is closed ? Alerts for both I-90 and SR 520 are available right from your phone,
  • Built-in automatic update ensures you are always looking up to date rates.

Application Screenshots

Toll Rate Now
Crossing Times
Weekend Toll Table
Traffic Conditions
Toll Rate Now
I-90 Alerts
Weekend Toll Table
SR 520 Alerts
Toll Rates (weekdays)

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